Vine Church North Building Lobby Multi-Use Room

Vine Church North Building

What we did…

We worked with the staff of the Vine Church to design and administer the construction of a new 12,000 s.f. multi-purpose building adjacent to their existing church facility. The North Building, as it has come to be known, was designed to meet the needs of the church’s growing youth programs while still providing flexibility for the various other expanding church functions. We designed into the building activity areas in the full size basketball & volleyball courts; hang-out areas in the game room & snack bar; quiet areas in the group rooms & classrooms. The exterior of the building was also designed to incorporate these needs with fully lit basketball & sand volleyball courts, patio space and plenty of open yard space.


The Vine Church had seen significant growth church wide and was in great need of space for their expanding youth programs. Previously these programs had been scheduled around the main church functions and held in undersized classrooms.

Multi-Use Room

Since the project’s completion, the church’s youth groups have continued to grow and have experienced a greater of environment in their new space.

Our Process

The interview is usually the first step in our process. Each interview is different and can be anything from a brief phone conversation to a formal multi-media presentation before a board or community group. Generally the interview will allow us both to get to know each other and develop a comfort level in working together.

The design portion of the process is really an exercise in communication. Communication of the design is a two way street with you communicating your needs to us and in kind we provide sketches, concepts, drawings, etc…

The technical drawings portion of the process solidifies the design into a buildable project. While communication and contact with you may somewhat diminish during this step as we work through the technical details of your project,

The construction portion of your project is the last step in getting your new or renovated facility. As we are the architects and not the contractors, we won’t be able to build the project for you, but we will help guide you through this final step.


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We are in our second generation of leadership and preparing for the future. Our principal architects have been with the firm since shortly after the firm was founded. We also have two project architects who have been with us for almost 10 years.