Rea Clinic

Rea Clinic

What we did…

We provided Christopher Rural Health Planning Corporation with full architectural services to design and administer the construction of a new state of the art 32,000 square foot medical facility to replace their existing out-dated healthcare facility. As a part of our pre-design services we helped the owner to evaluate the cost of upgrading and renovating their existing facility while still trying to see patients on a daily basis vs. building a new facility adjacent to their existing. The new medical facility houses a medical clinic with a pod for 8 medical provider, a full dental clinic with 8 operatories, a full service pharmacy and expanded administrative space for their network of clinics.

Photo credit: Jeff Weldman

Photo credit: Jeff Weldman

Our Process

The interview is usually the first step in our process. Each interview is different and can be anything from a brief phone conversation to a formal multi-media presentation before a board or community group. Generally the interview will allow us both to get to know each other and develop a comfort level in working together.

The design portion of the process is really an exercise in communication. Communication of the design is a two way street with you communicating your needs to us and in kind we provide sketches, concepts, drawings, etc…

The technical drawings portion of the process solidifies the design into a buildable project. While communication and contact with you may somewhat diminish during this step as we work through the technical details of your project,

The construction portion of your project is the last step in getting your new or renovated facility. As we are the architects and not the contractors, we won’t be able to build the project for you, but we will help guide you through this final step.


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We are in our second generation of leadership and preparing for the future. Our principal architects have been with the firm since shortly after the firm was founded. We also have two project architects who have been with us for almost 10 years.