The interview is usually the first step in our process. Each interview is different and can be anything from a brief phone conversation to a formal multi-media presentation before a board or community group. Generally the interview will allow us both to get to know each other and develop a comfort level in working together.


The design portion of the process is really an exercise in communication. Communication of the design is a two way street with you communicating your needs to us and in kind we provide sketches, concepts, drawings, etc… to you, with the end result of the design portion of the process being a design that acts as a roadmap for the remainder of the process.


The technical drawings portion of the process solidifies the design into a buildable project. While communication and contact with you may somewhat diminish during this step as we work through the technical details of your project, there are still some very important details of the project that we will need to discuss. Details such as interior finishes, door hardware and outlet locations still need some of your input.


The construction portion of your project is the last step in getting your new or renovated facility. As we are the architects and not the contractors, we won’t be able to build the project for you, but we will help guide you through this final step. We can assist you with bidding and/or selecting a contractor. While the project is under construction we can help you administer the project. Our administration includes things like providing you with a solid construction contract, reviewing paperwork (like bonds, lien waivers and pay applications), observing the construction to verify that it conforms to the technical drawings & design, and providing a final inspection of the project to assure that it is ready for you.