Vine Church North Building

What we did…

We worked with the staff of the Vine Church to design and administer the construction of a new 12,000 s.f. multi-purpose building adjacent to their existing church facility. The North Building, as it has come to be known, was designed to meet the needs of the church’s growing youth programs while still providing flexibility for the various other expanding church functions. We designed into the building activity areas in the full size basketball & volleyball courts; hang-out areas in the game room & snack bar; quiet areas in the group rooms & classrooms. The exterior of the building was also designed to incorporate these needs with fully lit basketball & sand volleyball courts, patio space and plenty of open yard space.

Why we did it…

The Vine Church had seen significant growth church wide and was in great need of space for their expanding youth programs. Previously these programs had been scheduled around the main church functions and held in undersized classrooms. The church expressed its desire for the youth to have a space that felt like their own in which they could have their own church services, classes and other youth activities. At the same time, the church could also utilize the additional space for other functions and activities.


Since the project’s completion, the church’s youth groups have continued to grow and have experienced a greater of environment in their new space. Every sunday church services are held for the youth with additional classroom space for some of the children from the churches’ kids’ program.

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