Louie's P & R

An 100 year old tradition in Southern Illinois, Louie's P & R approached Architechniques, Ltd. for renovations to their family-owned market's location since 1968. Beginning with the ceiling, the existing 2x4 acoustical ceiling was removed to expose the original stamped metal ceiling. This metal ceiling was cleaned of all paint, repaired in any damanged areas, and repainted.At the walls, the paneling and plaster were removed to expose the original masonry. During demolition, a vintage Gold Medal Flour sign painted onthe masonry was revealed. New drywall accents were added to the walls to give the appearance of deteriorating plaster. New walls and display areas will be constructed around the perimeter of the store to create the feel of an Italian Market. The overall intent of the design is to shift the function of the store towards a restaurant providing a seating space for approximately 30 people.

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